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Wun's Tea Room & Bar

Wun's Ultimate Gift Set (Worth £295)

Wun's Ultimate Gift Set (Worth £295)

This year we are bringing you the most unique Chinese wine collection, along with 0/0 Wine Bag by TANCHEN STUDIO, and your choice of premium organic Chinese tea for your cocktail creation to celebrate the festive season!


This set contains

1x KUAIJISHAN 30 years Aged Shaoxing Wine 60cl

1x JUCHENG WINERY Rose Wine 40cl

1x JUCHENG WINERY Chrysanthemum Wine 40cl

1x TANCHEN 0/0 wine bag

1x choice of premium organic Chinese loose tea 

1x set of small vintage style wine glass

1x set of large vintage style wine glass

3x exclusive COOKING WITH SHAOXING recipe cards 


Aged Shaoxing Wine

14% ABV

Shaoxing wine is a medium bodied, amber colour rice wine carrying typical aromas of toasted almonds and caramel. It’s most commonly used as a cooking wine brewed from glutinous rice, however, aged versions are always drunk as a beverage.

30 Years Aged Shaoxing is subtle and complex with sweet notes of cherry and ripe plum. It can be enjoyed at room temperature, hot, or cold- delicate yet versatile enough to pair “all-dinner.”


Rose Wine

33% ABV

Strong aroma of fresh roses, honey, & pomelo. Full-bodied with rose clear on the palate at the start & long citrusy notes on the finish.

Great as a digestif or mixed with cocktails.


Chrysanthemum Wine

33% ABV

Intense fragrance of chrysanthemum with dried apricot aroma, slightly sweet palate of honey, melon & yellow stone fruit with short herbal finish. 

Great as a digestif or mixed with cocktails.



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